Are you a choreographer with an ambitious project you are looking to develop? Do you dream of having a base that provides you with the resources and infrastructure to fully explore and develop your art?

The Centre de Création O Vertigo is seeking projects for the next edition of its long-term residency. The selected artist will receive a two-year creation residency to research & develop a large-scale choreographic work.1 Following this initial two-year period, the CCOV will then support the presentation of the work for up to three years. The creation residency will start in September 2019 with the objective of premiering the work in the summer/fall of 2021, and then touring the work through 2024.

The CCOV will act as executive producer and work in direct collaboration with the artist to determine the project’s logistics and budget. As executive producer, the CCOV will contribute a significant portion of the financial resources needed for the work’s creation and will subsequently support the work’s presentation and touring to national and international markets.

The inscription period for the 2019-2021 long-term residency is now closed.

Long-term residency 2017-2019: Dana Gingras
Long-term residency 2019-2021: Crazy Smooth

The long-term residency includes access to:

  • The CCOV creation studio and its technical equipment;
  • Administrative support, including budget management and logistics;
  • Assistance in identifying and securing co-production support;
  • Technical assistance (technical director available on-site);
  • Production assistance;
  • Project coordination (scheduling, rehearsal timetable, tour coordination);
  • Communications assistance;
  • Assistance with the dissemination of the work (optional);
  • Touring support;
  • Artistic mentor (optional).

The specific nature of the collaboration between the artist, their company and the CCOV will depend on the type of project, the artist’s intention and the CCOV’s capacity.

All candidates must:

  • Be recognized as a developing or mid-career professional artist;
  • Be a Canadian citizen;
  • Have presented at least two full-evening choreographic works;
  • Demonstrate an artistic approach that is unique, innovative, avant-garde;
  • Present a project that broadens the candidate’s artistic evolution;
  • Demonstrate how the human and financial resources offered by the CCOV are necessary to the successful completion of the project;
  • Possess an established network of presenters and/or co-producers in Quebec, Canada, and/or the international community;
  • Demonstrate the capacity to commit to the project for five years, and a desire to collaborate with the CCOV for the project’s duration.

We encourage potential applicants to contact us in advance to talk about their project.
If you have any concerns about your eligibility, please contact Paul Caskey, Executive Director of the CCOV:

The selected artist must:

  • Attend all meetings regarding the project’s preparation, development and implementation;
  • Respect the mutually established production schedule;
  • Respect the production budget, which will be developed in accordance with project’s needs and the financial support offered by the CCOV. Deficits will not be permitted, and the artist must agree to adjust any expenses that lead to budget overruns;
  • Mention the CCOV as producer in all promotional material related to the work created at the CCOV;
  • Consent to the project’s management and coordination by the CCOV. However, in terms of dissemination, different forms of collaboration between the artist, their company and CCOV are possible.

To submit a project, please provide the following:

  • Letter of intent (one page);
  • Project description, including list of collaborators (1000 words maximum);
  • A summary budget that outlines research and creation expenses;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Press kit;
  • Two letters of recommendation from presenters (ideally one from your local community and one from the national or international community);
  • YouTube or Vimeo links presenting two complete recent works (with passwords, if required).



Selection criteria:

  • The quality of the project and the artist’s potential to successfully complete it;
  • Consistency of the candidate’s artistic approach, and the project’s potential to reinforce and broaden it;
  • The significance and relevance of a large-scale creation in the artist’s approach and career trajectory;
  • The need for financial and organizational support.

Following a preliminary analysis of the projects, selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

For any questions or additional information, contact: Paul Caskey, Executive Director, 514-271-9177 extension 222, or

1 A large-scale work is defined as a choreographic production with substantial staging requirements, involving a large cast and stage.