The Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV brings a unique combination of experimentation and innovation to dance creation and production. Via its long-term artist-in-residence program, the CCOV collaborates with distinctive choreographers to produce ambitious, large-scale works that contribute to the healthy evolution of contemporary performing art practices. A focal point for artistic reflection, an incubator for talent, and a catalyst for ideas, the CCOV’s production model empowers the creative brilliance of a new generation of artists.

Photo : Julie Artacho
Photo : Jerick Collantes
Photo : Yannick Grandmont


The Associate Artists program has been created to support promising artists by providing them with the administrative and logistical resources needed to achieve their creation, production and presentation objectives.

Alan Lake – Associate artist since 2017

Photo : Antoine Caron

Daina Ashbee – Associate artist from 2017 to March 2020

Photo : David Wong

Daina Ashbee – Associate artist from 2017 to March 2020

Photo : Vanessa Fortin


Following a call for projects “Special projects – co-production residencies” in 2017, the selected artists benefited, among other things, from financial support of $ 10,000 as well as 2 weeks of exclusive access to the studio and 20h of additional repetitions.

Photo : Melika Dez
Photo : Frédéric Chais

Cover photo: 7Starr by Hugo St-Laurent