The call for submissions is now open for residencies that will take place between January 31 and July 29, 2022. The deadline to apply is August 23, 2021 at 11:59PM.

There are currently two deadlines per year, one in the winter for residencies August – January, and one in the summer for residencies February – July.

In the spirit of resource-sharing, the Centre de Création O Vertigo (CCOV) offers dance artists exclusive, short-term access to its high quality studio resources. All types of research proposals are welcome, as well as proposals towards the creation of a new work.

The CCOV annually awards 2-4 technical residencies and 7-10 simple residencies (depending on studio availability). It is our intention, within the limits of available studio space, to equally divide the total number of annual residencies between the two periods listed above.

While we welcome project proposals of all sizes, with respect to the collective interest of keeping everyone healthy, all residency applicants must include a work plan that explains how they will achieve their objectives while respecting public health guidelines, such as the exclusion of symptomatic individuals from the workspace, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and mask etiquette. For more details, please consult our COVID-19 Guidelines, procedures, and recommendations.



• 1 or 2 weeks’ exclusive access to our 2800 sq.ft. studio: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

• Additionally, the CCOV will provide up to $2000/residency in technical crew services, specialised equipment rental, or other specific technical requirements.

Access to a changing room, showers, and Wi-Fi.

• Access to a sound system, basic lighting for rehearsals (general lighting) and a black dance floor (40’ x 40’ marley).

• All resident artists are invited to consult with the CCOV’s artistic, administrative, and technical staff about project-specific matters.

• The studio is cleaned and disinfected before the beginning of each residency week. The office staff respect physical distancing and adhere to our COVID-19 guidelines in order to minimize the possibility of viral transmission.

Certain conditions regarding the use of the premises and equipment apply for all residencies and will be specified in a written agreement between the“Centre de Création O Vertigo” and the artist.

  • A selection committee consisting of one of CCOV’s guest co-curators and 3 members of the Montreal dance community will evaluate all applications.
  • The principal selection criteria are the project’s artistic quality, and the demonstrated need for a residency.
  • Please note that the availability of the CCOV studio on the proposed dates will also be a factor taken into consideration.

Obligations: Artists must mention the CCOV in all promotional documents throughout the presentation process.

To apply, please complete the application form on line.
For information, Gaétan Paré

Photo from TIC TAC Party, taken during Lina Cruz’s technical residency.
Dancer : Genevieve Robitaille