outside the walls

September 18 p.m. at URSA 
Signal vibrant : ceremony for the dead

We are excited to inaugurate this exceptional season with a series of performances at Ursa. For the first time, CCOV comes outside and into the sun! The summer is softly leaving us, and we are on the cusp of fall. We invite you to join us for Signal vibrant: ceremony for the dead, a convivial event to recognize the changes in season, and in our communities. Crazy SmoothRECAA (Ressources ethnoculturelles contre l’abus envers les aîné.e.s), LazylegzFaye Mullen and Mayssan Charafeddine offer their performances as a gift; a way to honour, celebrate and reflect upon the dead, especially after these past six months. Dancing for one another can bring us into a moment of synchronization; to realign and to remember.


We are very proud to be associated with the 6 Moons event, a series of online concerts and performances that will honour six Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island (North America). The CCOV, in association with Suoni per il popolo, will present two artists from Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal): Kìzis in September and Moe Clark in November 2020.

Kizis and Christopher Marlot, September 23rd, 9PM

To listen to Kizis https://kizistibik.bandcamp.com/music

Moe Clark, November 4th 2020, 9PM

To listen to Moe Clark : http://moeclark.ca/

To attend, it’s super easy:
join us on Twitch at the following address https://www.twitch.tv/6moonsindigenous

6 Moons / Original idea: Elisa Harkins in collaboration with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship / Click here to see the complete programming

The performances at Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) are also organized in collaboration with the CCOV and Suoni per il popolo.