Cabinet of Curiosities – Choreographic Encounters

Are you an interpreter interested in discovering new choreographers, choreographic ideas and practices? At the Cabinet of Curiosities, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a working professional choreographer at the very beginning of their process and experiment with them on a brand-new idea. As an added twist, interpreters and choreographers will not know who they are working with until they arrive in the space. This activity is a way for both interpreters and choreographers to engage with new artists outside of their usual peer group, all in a casual atmosphere outside of the limiting confines of production, auditions, or paid workshop contexts.

Labs are free to attend. Artists at any stage of their career are encouraged to participate. Simply come with an open mind and the willingness to try something that may be outside of your usual methods of working or thinking about dance!

Contact: to register (you may register to as many blocks as you wish – Limited number of participants per block)

Encounter with choreographer 1 – Tuesday, September 3 10AM-12PM

Encounter with choreographer 2 – Tuesday, September 3 1PM-3PM

Encounter with choreographer 3 – Wednesday, September 4 1PM-3PM

Encounter with choreographer 4 – Thursday, September 5 1PM-3PM

Encounter with choreographer 5 – Friday, September 6 1PM-3PM