En marge du FTA – Emerging Encounters

Emerging Encounters is a pilot project initiated by the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV in collaboration with Tanec Praha (Prague), O Espaço do Tempo (Portugal), DansensHus StockholmThe Dance Centre (Vancouver), Mile Zero Dance (Edmonton), and the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (Toronto). The purpose of this three-week activity is to bring together emerging artists interested in engaging with other cultures, communities and dance practices.

Emerging Encounters will also be an opportunity for these artists to present their work (choreographies or informal showcases) to presenters and the public through “en marge du FTA“.


Conditions : please reserve your place with Gaétan Parécoordination@ccov.org by mentioning the day of the presentation you wish to attend. Thank you for your collaboration. See our general Facebook event for all the information.

Tuesday, May 28 – 1pm

Emile Pineault (Montreal)
Normal Desires
1h / Presentation

Wednesday, May 29 – 1pm

António Torres (Lisbon)
Swan Fake
35min / Showing and meet the artists


Olivia Davies (Vancouver)
30min / Showing and meet the artists

Thursday, May 30 – 1pm

Sujit Vaidya (Vancouver)
Off Centre
30min / Showing and meet the artists


Amber Borotsik (Edmonton)
No Guesses Found
30 min / Showing and meet the artists

Friday, May 31st – 1pm

Tereza Hradilková (Prague)
45min / Presentation