Live performance – Kizis & Christopher Marlot

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We are very proud to be associated with the 6 Moons event, a series of online concerts and performances that will honour six Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island (North America). The CCOV, in association with Suoni per il popolo, will present two artists from Tiohtiá: ke (Montreal): Kìzis & Christopher Marlot in September and Moe Clark in November 2020. The performances will be followed by interviews with Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Guest Indigenous Curator at the CCOV.
This event is free, online, live, and does not require booking!
Christopher Marlot is a Hatian Goddess of Truth, Daughter of Barbara.
Kìzis is Sun of Kijig.
To attend, it’s super easy: join us on Twitch at the following address
To listen to Kizis
6 Moons / Original idea: Elisa Harkins in collaboration with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship / See the complete programming here:
The performances at Tiohtiá: ke (Montreal) are also organized in collaboration with the CCOV and Suoni per il popolo.