Tête-à-tête intergénérationnel

As institutions such as the CCOV begin to address questions of legacy and succession, it is imperative that artistic links be made between generations. This initiative brings together 8 dance artists from different generations for one week to work together in the studios of the CCOV. The project seeks to destabilize hierarchies, and unlike mentorship projects that currently exist, there will be no determined mentor / leader regardless of age or experience.

From April 23 to April 27 – National Dance Week

With : Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Martin Bélanger, Ginelle Chagnon, Maria Kefirova, Axelle Munezero, Sébastien Provencher, Maxime Segalowitz.

Caroline Gravel and Patrick Saint-Denis – Photo : Jean-François Boisvenue