Emerging Encounters

The Emerging Encounters is a pilot project initiated by the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV in collaboration with Tanec Praha (Prague), O Espaço do Tempo (Portugal), DansensHus Stockholm, The Dance Centre (Vancouver), Mile Zero Dance (Edmonton), and the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (Toronto). The purpose of this three-week activity is to bring together emerging artists interested in engaging with other cultures, communities and dance practices.

Through an approach based on sharing rather than on the pressure of delivering work, the artists will have the chance to discuss their creative practice and working methods at the CCOV, but also during activities intended to discover Montreal’s contemporary dance milieu. Indeed, overlapping with the Festival TransAmérique, this project will allow the CCOV (and the project’s Montreal-based artists!) to play host during one of the city’s most important festivals. A number of extracurricular activities will be organized, with the objective of nurturing lasting friendships & collaborative relationships.

In addition to the nine artists chosen for the emerging encounters, two artists mentors will join the group to share their experience and contribute to the discussion along with our invited artistic curator Andrew Tay. They are Ginelle Chagnon and Angélique Willkie.

The 2019 emerging encounters artists have been selected like so: 3 artists from Montreal chosen by the CCOV, 3 Canadian artists suggested by our national partners and 3 international artists recommended by our European collaborators. They are:

Amber Borotsik (Edmonton)

Photo credit: Ryan Parker

Olivia Davies (Vancouver)

Photo credit: Dayna Syzndrowski

Sujit Vaidya (Vancouver)

Photo credit: Paul Elliott

BamBam Frost (Stockholm)

Photo credit: Dans Alliansen

Tereza Hradilková (Prague)

Photo credit: Vojtěch Brtnický

António Torres (Lisbon)

Photo credit: Bruno Simão

Ellen Furey (Montreal)

Photo credit: Rose Pehtal

Catherine Lavoie-Marcus (Montreal)

Photo credit: Emily Gan

Emile Pineault (Montreal)

Photo credit: Julien Brun