Écoutez, on danse! Discover the podcasts of CCOV

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Discover the podcasts of CCOV : Écoutez, on danse !

3 performances, 3 episodes… Keep your ears open and…

Hear the COLLECTIF LA TRESSE – on-line on June 11- TEASER
Hear HEATHER STEWART – on-line on June 18- TEASER
Hear PARTS+LABOUR_DANSE – on-line on June 25- TEASER

In April 2017, during National Dance Week, the CCOV, in collaboration with Place des Arts, organized a series of public performances at the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme. These cultural mediation activities, which reached close to 5000 people, were then used as a framework for this podcast project, which gives a voice to the artists involved in these performances, as well as to passers-by and spectators who witnessed these choreographic moments.

In these 15-minute recordings we discover the artistic approach of these creators and their unique vision of dance, as well as the reactions and emotional response of the public.

Complete podcasts available at https://ccov.org/en/ecoutez/

Thanks to the Magnéto team,
silent witness to the confidences of artists and the public.