Angie Cheng

ANGIE CHENG  | RED (Titre provisoire)

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The experience of sharing the working the questions of where performance begins and processes and research ends. How do you keep true to working and be aware of moments become performative. Being able to work at my own pace with people coming and going, witnessing, having conversations nourishing the working and the work. opening up access to the working and the work.

Originally from Ottawa, Angie Cheng is a Montreal-based dance artist. Collaborative creation processes ground her ongoing research in performance; investigating the liminal space between creative process and performance event and between spectator and performer. The embodied and specific understandings that arise from these investigations shape her current questions and engagements both in her own work and with others. What other platforms are available for presenting work and examining how we present the different states of work and the influence it plays with what we create. She has a history of creation with choreographers Tedd Robinson and Thierry Huard, MAYDAY/Melanie Demers, Wants and Lara Kramer Danse. A member of the Cool Cunts, a creative collective. She is currently working with Kate Nankervis, Ame Henderson, James Gnam. In 2017 she began a new solo project as well as a new collaborations with Winnie Ho and Chi Long.


Chorégraphie: Angie Cheng

Photo : Angie Cheng