Crazy Smooth: 2019-2021 Long-term Artist in Residence

Dancing since 1997, Crazy Smooth is one of Canada’s top street dancers, performers, choreographers, instructors, judges, and community leaders. He is founder and creative director of Bboyizm, an award-winning street-dance company that has been instrumental in the preservation and growth of street dance in Canada and internationally. Founded in 2004, Bboyizm is Canada’s premier street-dance company. The company is committed to promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity, and essence of all street dances. Bboyizm believes that authentic self-expression enables an individual – and by extension, a community – to realize its full potential. In addition to performances, the company provides a complete street dance experience that includes outreach and street-dance programs in schools and communities across Canada. 

Photo credit: Becki Peckam from Bold Creative

Read the CCOV’s press release concerning Crazy Smooth’s arrival.

Crazy Smooth (BBOYIZM) – Website

Facebook: Bboyizm Dance Company

Press Excerpts

“Crazy Smooth and Bboyizm have effortlessly bridged the distance from the street to the stage. Fusing influences of street dance and hip-hop into a modern dance context, they are creating a new extremely physical world that is theatrical, virtuosic and urban at its very core. Touring with performances, workshops and outreach activities throughout Canada, Bboyizm has built a profile and following from coast to coast to coast.”
Jeanne Holmes, Artistic Producer, Canada Dance Festival

“The back flips and high-octane floor and foot work that make B-boying so exhilaratingly watchable are here. But [Crazy Smooth’s] vignettes, set to a range of music, go deeper than tricks, playing with the roots of hip-hop and other street forms.”