Maria Kefirova

Maria Kefirova | Mesauring distance

Measuring distance will be presented in May 2020 at La Chapelle.

Measuring distance is a dance performance about shifting view points, changing points of contact, and moving points of reference; it is about allocentric and egocentric forces, about momentum and about the explosion of inertia.

It could be a tool for locating oneself.

Or a way that reverses far into close and closes into far.

The work experiments with different methods of measuring, unfolds various maps and offers divers perspectives over the same space.

It is a continuation of my ongoing reflection over the question:

  • How can I translate the concept of ‘distance’ into relation, knowledge and sensation?

Maria Kefirova is a dance artist, she make performances, installations, videos and publications; she performs, does research and gives artistic advise.

Her work has been presented in different festivals and venues in Canada, US, Europe and Mexico. Maria graduated from DasArts- Amsterdam, a residential laboratory for performing arts, research and innovation. She teaches and expands her choreographic practice through collaborations with other artist  (Miguel Melgarez, Jean -Francois Laporte, Hanako Hoshimi- Caines, Katie Ward, Paul Chambers, Florence Figols and Diego Gil among others).

Photo credit: Manuel Navarrete López