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projets hybris | Petite jeunesse

Featuring 5 performers from dance, visual arts, music and theater, Petite jeunesse investigates the body as a place of struggle and instability. The liveliness of youth guides the work. The force of this energy is transmitted from the bodies on stage to those in the audience through a direct appeal to the senses. The performers embody an ambivalence typical of youth: sometimes energetic and explosive, sometimes idle and amorphous. By focusing on the resistance of young people, projects hybris seeks to highlight the boldness of their words and actions in the context of an austere reality. Hope, disillusion, exaltation, failure, rage are repurposed as materials for improvisations where disciplines mingle and collide.

Petite jeunesse is an offshoot of Youngnesse, a projets hybris creation first presented at OFFTA 2016. An extended version is shown at La Chapelle in September 2018.

projets hybris is an interdisciplinary, queer and feminist creation company based in Montreal. By positioning itself at the intersection of several disciplines, projets hybris strives to make collaboration the operating principle of all its projects. Our work is grounded in the ambiguity of connections, the ephemerality of intersections, and the methodological destabilizations brought about by disciplines colliding. Our artistic practice is defined by its eminently political content. Our creations are strongly influenced by queer and feminist practices, in terms of ideas, forms, and approaches. We take a critical look at the power relationships that underlie our communities by centering, in all our projects, issues relating to marginalized individuals, knowledges, histories and cultures.


Direction: Philippe Dumaine
Performance : Danièle Simon, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Maude Arès, Mathieu Arsenault and one more to confirm
Lights : Hugo Dalphond
Dramaturgy : Marilou Craft

Photo: Trung Dung Nguyen