Rhodnie Désir

Rhodnie Désir | BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek

BOWT’ TRAIL Retrospek will be presented in February 2020 at Espace Libre.

BOWT’ TRAIL Retrospek is a two-part work for four physical bodies: one female dancer, two musicians, and one immersive display of digital projections. Rhodnie Désir used BOW’T, a piece she created in 2013, as the point of departure for this piece.

Since 2015 the choreographer has been searching in 6 countries of the Americas. Driven by a desire and a need to transcend her origins, she drew from the jungo (Brazil), danmyé (Martinique), Vodun dance (Haiti), son jarocho (Mexico), blues (New Orleans), and gospel paired with Mi’kmaq rhythms (Canada) to immerse herself in the African cultures and rhythms brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans.

In 2020, Rhodnie Désir will take the stage to present the 8th and final iteration of the work BOW’T. The performance will feature video projections illustrating her approach with the bearers of memory who inspired her, while connecting the audience with the subject matter and immersing it in multidimensional visual and sound textures.

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Photo credit: Kevin Calixte
Performer: Rhodnie Désir