OPEN STUDIOS 2017-2018

Designed to get audience feedback before the work is finalized, the Open Studio provides choreographers with a chance to show their work and engage an audience well in advance of the dissemination process, thereby allowing artists to develop and refine their early ideas.


Ford Mckeown Larose | AmalGame 2.0



Photo : Anaïs Gachet

AmalGame 2.0 is a choreographic challenge aimed to bring out the best mixture of chaos and order. In this art work, Ford wants to achieve a fluid representation of Popping & Boogaloo concepts embodied by dancers of all age & level.

Artistic direction & choreography : Ford Mckeown Larose
Performers : Romy Lacasse, Morganne Lavarenne, Amy Jessica Pilette, Mukoma-K. Nshinga, Basilio-Augusto Rabanal-Ayansen, Darianne Ramirez-Blanchette, Léonard Turgeon

Montreal based, Ford Mckeown Larose is a choreographer specialized in street dance. His professional career begins in 2009, where he builds his name as Popper & Boogalooer through many national and international competitions. In the meantime, he shares his knowledge in many schools of Montreal and its surroundings. In the recent years, his need for discovery and his spiritual experiences have led him to focus on deeper & more personal choreographic work.


Thea Patterson | Silver



Photo credit: J Gordaneer

Silver is a new work in development that delves into the performativity of materials/objects/and bodies as both choreographic and sculptural elements. Activated through games and scores the performers will oscillate between interiority and exteriority, moving between, as they layer and slide what could be described as different sorts of bodies… their bodies, and the objects/bodies we converse with, the sound/body, the light/body which act as the externalization of shifting sensorial states. The somatic world this proposes lend itself to interiority, the landscapes of sensation are navigated, sensed, danced. Silver makes spaces for that which is just a touch to the side, that glimmers and then disappears. This elusivity troubles fixed identity, in its waveryness it does not announce, it does not assert and this is troubling. Troubling in the sense that it unsettles our codes of reading, our desire for meaning, our demand for certitude. Potentials remain in the spaces that open in the activation of multiples. 

Choreography and concept: Thea Patterson,
Collaborators and performers: Rachel Harris and Elinor Feuter,
Artistic consult: Kathy Casey,
Made with the support of Interdisciplinary Writer’s Unit at Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal.

Thea Patterson (BFA, MA) is a choreographer, performer, and dramaturge based in Montreal. Her early choreographic works include Rhyming Couplets (08), and A Soft Place to Fall (06). From 2007 to 2015 she worked as dramaturge, and co-artistic director on seven acclaimed works including Eesti: Myths and Machines (2011) which received mention as top dance works of the year by the Voir. An interest in collaborative models then lead to the co- founding of the collective The Choreographers (2007-2011). During that time, she also co-choreographed  Norman(2008) for Lemieux.Pilon.4Dart which toured extensively through Asia and Europe. Her more recent work explores self-solo formats and an interest in expanded choreographic methods. This led her to make the dance that i cannot do (2013) which was presented at, amongst others, Movement Research, The Judson Church and the Munich Dance Festival. In 2016 she began work on her masters project between the is and the could be (2016) which explored emergent choreographic forms, and other methods for altering aspects of spectatorship.  In 2016, She completed her Masters at The Graduate School, DAS Choreography (Amsterdam).  Currently she is working on new projects in Montreal, Portugal, Amsterdam, and Newfoundland. She was recently selected to participate in an intensive choreographic residency with Deborah Hay. 


Lara Oundjian  | Going through the thing  (Working title)



Going through the thing 
 is an evolving visual landscape of encounters between human and object bodies, an exploration of how materials behave. Exposing qualities in order to reconstruct relationships through sensorial attention, curiosity and risk. Partially composed live, play as a method of survival becomes, by extension, a method of composition.

Choreographer : Lara Oudjian
Dancers : Justin de Luna, Lena Demnati, Kate Ramsden, Lara Oundjian

Lara Oundjian
is a Montreal-based dance, performance, and video maker and dramaturge. Her performance training includes experimental performance, contemporary dance and physical theatre (SMASH Berlin, the PORCH program at Ponderosa, workshops throfaugh Studio 303 and Circuit-est in Montreal and Tanzfabrik and Marameo in Berlin, as well as the Odin Theatret in Denmark (2014-2017). She trained in film production at the FAMU intensive program in Prague (2012). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies and Cultural Studies from McGill University (2014). As a maker and interpreter, Lara is interested in duration, live composition, body states and approaching the body as a material that can transform. Her current research involves attending to the haptic and sensorial processes of the performer/s who generate generating soundscapes and visual landscapes. Lara presented solo work at Ponderosa in Germany and at Theatre la Chapelle in Montreal in 2017.




The aim of the PEER TO PEER collective laboratory is to revisit the dance show Mine de rien which was created in 2015 by Liane Thériault and Marie Mougeolle. 4 creators have carte blanche to remix Mine de rien with the complicity of 6 dancers. The PEER TO PEER principle is to transform the original rules of the show into new ones mainly by playing with processes of hacking and collisions between different artistic universes.

Original idea : MINE DE RIEN : UN COLLECTIF (Liane Thériault et Marie Mougeolle)
Choreographers : Dans son salon (Emmalie Ruest et Karenne Gravel), Helen Simard, Andrew Turner
Dancers : Marijoe Foucher, Stéphanie Fromentin, Marie Mougeolle, Marine Rixhon, Liane Thériault, Antoine Turmine
Guitarist : Roger White

Marie Mougeolle
and Liane Thériault have been collaborating since 2012. They achieved their first collective creation in 2015 with “Mine de rien: une pièce” (offta 2015, 4th edition of Hors Lits Montréal in 2016).

As a dancer, Marie Mougeolle worked with Katya Montaignac, Sophie Corriveau, Les Soeurs Schmutt, Sarah Dell’Ava, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara, Helen Simard and Andrée Martin. Her solo “Entre autres” (2014) was presented in France and Vietnam. She is also a ballet teacher and joined La 2e Porte à Gauche in 2017.

Liane Thériault worked with Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Les Soeurs Schmutt, Delphine Véronneau (Tuque et capuche [TeC]), Liliane Moussa, Karine Théorêt, Julie Lebel and Claudia Chan Tak. Since 2013, she is part of the collective Dans la salon as a video artist. In 2015, her solo piece was presented at Festival Bouge d’ici (” Personne (une) “), and at Festival Vue sur la Relève (“Somebody “).

In the fall of 2016, Marie and Liane founded MINE DE RIEN: UN COLLECTIF to give form and structure to their collaboration. Their next two choreographic projects are PEER TO PEER and Comment les idées se perdent.



Félix Hallé_Mine de rien: une pièce_Interprètes: Marie Mougeolle, Liane Thériault
Lara Oundjian_Real Play_Marilyn Cyr, Eline Guelat, Stephen John, Eryn Tempest, Chloe Hart