Relations épistolaires – Sortie de résidence – Épisode 1

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For the first edition of the Relations épistolaires – Penpals project, the CCOV has selected 6 artist duets to encourage them to explore the notion of mentoring in the form of exchanges / dialogues taking place over a 6-month period.

This project is part of the vision of a structured correspondence based on discussion, advice and exchange between two people of similar, diverse or specific generations / communities, interested in the concepts of co-mentoring and mentor / mentee relationships. The participants had a free choice of the form of their exchanges (letters, audio, video, etc.)

Hanako Hoshimi-Caines et Nate Yaffe

Watch the interviews HERE

  • Exit interviews – Episode 1 – with Alex Côté and Lara Kramer
  • Exit interviews – Episode 2 – with Julien Cloutier + Taylor Yeung & Samuelle Auclair + Victor Tran (Savage)
  • Exit interviews – Episode 3 with Jacqueline van de Geer and Julia B. Laperrière