Relations épistolaires – Sortie de résidence – Épisode 1

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Exit interview – Episode 1 – Watch the interview HERE
with Alex Côté & Lara Kramer

For the first edition of the Relations épistolaires – Penpals project, the CCOV has selected 6 artist duets to encourage them to explore the notion of mentoring in the form of exchanges / dialogues taking place over a 6-month period.

This project is part of the vision of a structured correspondence based on discussion, advice and exchange between two people of similar, diverse or specific generations / communities, interested in the concepts of co-mentoring and mentor / mentee relationships. The participants had a free choice of the form of their exchanges (letters, audio, video, etc.)

A message from our co-curators
As curators of this project, we were curious to further explore the issue of co-mentoring, to explore different models of handover and existing reciprocal knowledge.

Lara and Alex’s work piqued our interest with their particular emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange as co-mentorship. Lara and Alex have the common point of the earth, as a material, as the starting point of their work. However, their reflections emerge from different observations and desires, yet come together around the common desire to enrich their practice by learning from their respective medium.

Hanako Hoshimi-Caines et Nate Yaffe