Renewal of our Guest Artistic Curator Andrew Tay's Contract

Published on in General information

Andrew Tay has been the creator and initiator of the CCOV’s cultural activity programming since January 2017. Thanks to his work and artistic vision, the CCOV draws an ever-increasing and loyal audience to its various cultural mediation activities. The Performance Collisions (in which two artists are invited to meet and collaboratively create a multidisciplinary, spontaneous and ephemeral work over a two-hour period), the Test Kitchen (a “3-course” menu offered during 3 dance presentations), and the annual Nuit blanche have become must-see events!

Meanwhile, the dance community, artists and professionals, have not been forgotten, with a programming specially designed to address critical and relevant topics to the community. For example: the “Tête-à-Tête” that focused on intergenerational exchanges and challenges facing racialized artists, the international “Emerging Encounters”, the “Cabinet of Curiosities” that encouraged artists to engage with those outside of their usual peer group, or the Authors in-Residence Program that gave rise to the CCOV’s first Fanzine, Bodies of Text.

Initially planned as a 3-year contract ending in December 2019, Andrew Tay’s position has just been renewed for two and a half years in order to ensure the sustainability of the values he wishes to communicate through his commitment within the organization. Andrew Tay’s final 6 months at the CCOV (January to June 2022) will be conducted in partnership with his successor, in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for the CCOV’s Cultural Programming and Administrative teams.

For those interested, stay tuned: the CCOV will launch its call for a new Guest Curator in September 2021.